Saturday, December 17, 2011

2012 Book Challenges

I have finally decided on the challenges that I am going to participate in for 2012.

50 Books Challenge

For 2011 I should finish out at 36 and for 2012 I really wanted to do 75, but I must be realistic. I will be joining the Goodreads challenge group. I will be under the Personal Challenge: 1-50 folder. I will be duplicating at the LibraryThing 50 books group.

Off The Shelf Challenge

I have many books in my library that I need to get to. I am going to set a goal of 30 books that are currently on my shelves or in my eReader library. These books must be acquired by Dec 31,2011. I will be at this LibraryThing group

2012 Big Book Challenge

This idea was from Debs at YouTube's DebrasBookCafe and I set it up for her. It is simply keeping track (or setting a goal if you want) of books you have read that are over 400 pages. The group is here: Goodreads 2012 Big Book Challenge. Come join us!

A + P Book Reading Challenge 2012

This is challenge created by two YouTubers - pbookbuddy and amirasbookreviews. It has 12 categories and you only need to read 1 book from each group. Below is a links to videos explaining things.
(pbookbuddy) A + P Book Reading Challenge 2012
(amirasbookreviews) A + P Book Reading Challenge 2012