Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking down bookshelves?

I am in the process of taking down 2 bookshelves. What? OK, I have a good reason. I bought a piano! I learned on a small Kimball console back in the 1970s. As I got older and moved out of my parents home, I sold it. That was a very bad decision. In 2001 or so, I wanted to start playing again and purchased an 88 key digital piano. Needless to say they are certainly not like an acoustic piano. I have been thinking about getting one recently and decided to just go ahead and do it.

I have a very small home, so this piano will look very large but I really don't care. I am very excited to get it. So I now have stacks of books sitting on the floor and at this point not a real good idea on what to do about them. I am hoping that once the piano is set up there may be room to put one of the shelves back up. I really hate to box them up.

I will take pictures of the piano when it arrives. Should be by the weekend of Feb. 4th.

... Buried in books.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The J.K. Rowling Story

For New Year's day I decided to watch a DVD I got recently: Magic Beyond Words, The J.K. Rowling Story - an original Lifetime movie. This movie goes over Ms. Rowlings early years and up to the publishing of the first Harry Potter book. It is an interesting movie and I enjoyed it.
Note: It is an unauthorized biography.

It is available from Lifetime, Amazon and other places.