• Fluctuating - With all the new books constantly streaming across my visual spectrum and some even aural, I have to allow the list to be fluid.
  • Intentional - I needed a way to describe a priority or a way to separate a select few out of my entire library. So I intend to read these books sooner rather than later.
  • Reading - This covers not only visual reading but audio books as well.
  • List - I could write these within my mind but my memory is feeble. So something more permanent is in order.

Blog post with more info here: FIRL Post

Last updated 03/16/2013

Currently Reading
The Blue Rose {ebook} - Anthony Eglin
Waverly {hardcover/ebook} - Walter Scott

Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator {hardcover} - Jennifer Allison55555555
Warriors - Bluestar's Prophecy {ebook} - Erin Hunter
Wicked Lovely {ebook} - Melissa Marr
Intrinsical {ebook} - Lani Woodland
Enclave {ebook} - Ann Aguirre
The Emerald Atlas {hardcover/ebook} - John Stephens
The Awakened {ebook} - Jason Tesar
The Thirteen Treasures {hardcover} - Michelle Harrison
The Maze Runner {hardcover} - James Dashner
The Sheltering Sky {library of america} - Paul Bowles
Joshua Files Invisible City {hardcover} - M.G. Harris
Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows {hardcover} - J.K. Rowling
The Name of the Wind {ebook} - Patrick Rothfuss
Looking For Alaska {softcover} - John Green
Angel Arias {softcover} - Marianne de Pierres
Relic Master The Dark City {hardcover} - Catherine Fisher
The Goddess Test {?} - Aimee Carter
Wizard's First Rule Book 1 Sword of Truth {ebook} - Terry Goodkind
The Chosen {hardcover} - Ricardo Pinto
Unearthly {ebook/hardcover?} - Cynthia Hand
Kindred {ebook/hardcover?} - Octavia E. Butler
Clarity {ebook} - Kim Harrington
The Book of Lies {softcover} - Mary Horlock
Werewolves Rule {ebook} - K.C. Blake
To Rule the Waves {softcover} - Arthur Herman
Birthmarked {ebook} - Caragh M. O'Brien
Babbit {ebook} - Sinclair Lewis
The Language of Flowers {hardcover} - Venessa Diffenbaugh
Moab is my Washpot {ebook} - Stephen Fry
The Eye of the World {ebook} - Robert Jordan
The Way of Kings {hardcover} - Brandon Sanderson
The Iron King {ebook} - Julie Kagawa
A Separate Peace {softcover} - John Knowles
The Line {?} - Terry Hall
Beautiful Creatures {?} - Garcia/Stohl
Hotel New Hampshire {hardcover} - John Irving
Something Witchy This Way Comes {ebook} - Veronica Blade
The Magicians {ebook} - Lev Grossman (suggested by YT mothereffingbooks)
The Eyre Affair {hardcover} - Jasper Fforde
Lost to the West {hardcover} - Lars Brownworth
Ill Wind {ebook} - Rachel Caine
Eden's Root {ebook} Rachel E Fischer (Krista recommendation)
The Thief {ebook} - Megan Turner
90 Miles to Freedom {ebook} - K C Hilton