Saturday, August 13, 2011

Incidental Musings: August Reread!

Since August is my birthday month, I decided to read a book that I have read in the past. I got this brill idea from Blair on YouTube's BittenByBookLust channel. For the glorious year of 2011 I am reading

Jaws by Peter Benchley

Yep, the version I read back in the 1970s looked just like this - the mass-market paperback. I wish I could find it. Not that I am complaining since I am reading an Easton Press Collectors Edition published in 2009. It is leather-bound and this image does not do it justice. The only illustration is a frontispiece somewhat like the paperback version.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mundahlia by R.J. Gonazles

Deception synonyms: trick, stratagem, ruse, wile, hoax, imposture. This is a central theme running throughout Mandahlia. We see this early on in the novel when a wolf is encountered by one of the main characters, Rini. The wolf, of course, is much more than he appears to be i.e. he is a shape-shifter. We come to know this wolf in his human form as the second main character, Jett. Rini and Jett form a relationship. For Rini, this is her first "boyfriend" even though she is 18 so this makes for an enjoyable read as she discovers how to deal with her feelings. A horrific event early on in the novel reveals to Rini who Jett really is which leads us to the main villain in the novel, another shape-shifter and Jett's half-brother Bane.

So, now you are thinking this is a novel about werewolves and pack dynamics and you would be wrong! The shape-shifters can be from various "clans" and each clan is a different animal form. The novel explains all this and the land where most of the Mandahlians are living. Other creatures besides shape-shifters appear in the book such as the angel-like Enthiduans, and the nasty faery-like Floradelias and hint of many other creatures in the world. I don't want to give away too much so let's just say that Mundahlians and Humans have not gotten along in the distant past. Humans have forgotten about them but the Mundahlians have not forgotten the Humans and this novel sets in motion events that are about to change the Human world forever.

This book reads like a contemporary romance in the first half and the second half is a full-blown paranormal fantasy. Both halves are necessary to the story and I enjoyed them equally. R.J. Gonazles writing flows nicely. I am hoping to see more from him. I think he would do well in several genres like contemporary romance, paranormal and fantasy. This book certainly proves his capacity. Highly recommended.

Mundahlia is available in ebook form at Amazon for the Kindle and at Goodreads for other ebook reading devices (ePub). The paperback will be available at Amazon in mid-August 2011.