Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book Thoughts: Crossing Lines by Paul Volponi

This is a disturbing novel of how cruel humans can be to someone or some group that is different from the societal norm. This is a work of fiction, but I am sure that the events in this book could really happen - and this is sad.

You find out right away that Alan is different; perhaps colorful or flamboyant would be better words. Alan hangs around with the girls and is President of the high school Fashion Club. The boys feel uncomfortable around him, try to stay away from him in the gym locker room and generally avoid him at all costs. The football team players start to hackle him. Alan does dish it back out with his "distinctive" wit, which may not have been in Alan's best interest.

The book is written in first-person and is narrated by Adonis - one of the football players. Adonis, through out the book, is put in situations where he has to interact with Alan. For one, his sister and girlfriend are in the Fashion Club. The girls tell Alan that Adonis will help keep the football players away from him. Adonis half-heartedly agrees to help only to impress his girlfriend. Alan was holding his own up to this point until, one day, Alan turns up the heat a bit and things go downhill for him from there.

This book is as much about Adonis as it is about Alan. It is an excellent novel that makes you think about how you may treat people who are different and that everyone has a place in this world and deserves to be accepted or at the very least, respected. Highly recommended.

Crossing Lines
Published: 2011
Viking - Penguin Group
Widely available in hardcover and ebook forms.


  1. Awesome review! Marked this as To-Read! :]

    Rj @ RJ Does Books

  2. Fab review.... This sounds like a very interesting book... :-)