Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking down bookshelves?

I am in the process of taking down 2 bookshelves. What? OK, I have a good reason. I bought a piano! I learned on a small Kimball console back in the 1970s. As I got older and moved out of my parents home, I sold it. That was a very bad decision. In 2001 or so, I wanted to start playing again and purchased an 88 key digital piano. Needless to say they are certainly not like an acoustic piano. I have been thinking about getting one recently and decided to just go ahead and do it.

I have a very small home, so this piano will look very large but I really don't care. I am very excited to get it. So I now have stacks of books sitting on the floor and at this point not a real good idea on what to do about them. I am hoping that once the piano is set up there may be room to put one of the shelves back up. I really hate to box them up.

I will take pictures of the piano when it arrives. Should be by the weekend of Feb. 4th.

... Buried in books.

1 comment:

  1.'re taking bookshelves down and I'm adding one...ironic? Possibly :P haha!

    So awesome that you're getting a piano! Can't wait to see it! You should upload a small tune when you get it!