Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amazon Haul 06/21/2011

I purchased this first as an eBook. Well, I liked the cover so well I decided to buy the physical book and there is hype going around that this is the next Harry Potter series. That remains to be seen when I read it. I have not seen any reviews on it that I can think of - at least on YouTube. This was published April 5, 2011.

I bought the physical copy of this book because (all together now) I liked the cover! I may do the reversaroo of The Emerald Atlas and get this also as an eBook. Christmas in July anyone? Yep, I am probably going to host a little ditty-do if anyone wants to read some Christmas with me. There will be a post about it later. This book only manages to get 3 star ratings, but I don't care I like stories about Christmas time. Hallmark Channel is a favorite of mine. I think they do Christmas in July too.

Oooo, a new release just out! A creepy fantasy about a girl who is a Skilled - one of those who can cross the veil between life and death. This was published as Wintercraft in the U.K.

In an attempt to find my inner journalist, I have a few books on the subject. I am just starting to "get into" doing this. I saw this one on Amazon and I totally don't know how I connected it to whatever I was looking at. Perhaps I can finally become that perfect person by journaling my way - heh?


  1. Fab haul! I like the look of both The Christmas Train and Shadowcry.... :-)

  2. I bought (and read) that Christmas book a few years back for the same reason! Loved the snowy, Christmas-y cover. The story was OK, but ... the cover .... I like your idea of Christmas in July :o)