Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Thoughts: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

There has always been a mystery surrounding their connection to each other. Michael Scott's book The Alchemyst, takes advantage of this with Sophie and Josh Newman. Heck they may even save the world!

The Alchemyst is book one in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. It starts out as normal everyday life with a little luck. Josh and Sophie have both gotten jobs and they are just across the street from each other. Josh worked in a bookstore and Sophie in a coffee shop. The bookstore was owned by Nick Fleming and his wife Perry. We soon find out that Nick is Nicholas and Perry is Perenelle and their last name is actually Flamel. They were both born in the 14th century. What has kept them alive are spells and potions in a book called The Codex or Book of the Mage.Within the first couple chapters, the twin's lives have changed forever.

The main villain in the book is Dr. John Dee and his primary goal is to acquire The Codex. Naturally he is very old too. In fact he worked for Queen Elizabeth I and was a student of Nicholas Flamel to learn the art of Alchemy. At some point Dr. Dee got mixed up with the "Dark Elders". The Elders are ancient beings we hear about in mythology. Many of them are still alive and live in places called Shadowrealms which hide them from the human world. There are other immortal beings too like the second generation of Elders and some humans that have acquired or found ways to achieved immortality. There are many other mysterious creatures that pop up in the book.

I really enjoyed this book. There is a lot of action and I think the characters are developed well. I will definitely be continuing with the next book in the series The Magician. 

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