Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help Me Choose!

Fairy Tale Fortnight
Click on the picture to see what it's all about

I wanted to read something for this year's occasion and have lots of books that may fall into this celebration. Maybe you can help me choose... Let's see. Below is a selection I have pulled out of my library (physical and ebook). I am not sure that all of these qualify in the minds of the FTF gods, but here goes.
  • The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter
  • The Snow Walker - Catherine Fisher
  • Storybound - Marissa Burt
  • Book of a Thousand Days - Shannon Hale
  • Wildwood - Colin Meloy
  • Temp: An Accidental Fairytale - A.E. Mayer
  • Entwined - Heather Dixon
  • The Princess Bride - William Goldman
  • Brightly Woven - Alexandra Bracken
  • Breadcrumbs - Anne Ursu
  • Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow - Jessica Day George
  • A Long, Long Sleep - Anna Sheehan
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
I also have actual fairytale books of which I may pick some tales out of: Grimm, Andrew Lang - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red Fairy Books.

I would like to have this picked out by Thursday April 19. I am participating in the Dewey Read-a-thon this year, and would like to get the book started during that awesome event! Soooo, post a comment if you have a suggestion.


  1. Oh man. I'm torn.
    Breadcrumbs and Sun and Moon are both stunners. And both fairly quick, so maybe you should read BOTH of them. ;D

    But there are also 2 that stand out that I haven't read, so votes for Wildwood and Entwined, too. (Entwined I know is a direct retelling, but Wildwood may just be fantasy. Not sure.)

    Whatever you read, enjoy!

  2. GODDESS TEST is mythology, not fairy tale! I'm reading STORYBOUND this week, too. Ack, THE SNOW WALKER! Are you in the UK? I wish we had more Catherine Fisher books here... I LOVE Shannon Hale. Ooh, is WILDWOOD a fairy tale? I have an ARC of that...maybe that will bump it up on my list! I loved ENTWINED (and reviewed it during FTF last year! I also interviewed the author!)and BRIGHTLY WOVEN (Though BW isn't a FT! But I did review it when it first came out!). Love Jessica Day George, too, and A LONG, LONG SLEEP is so unique! I don't know if I'd consider King Arthur a fairy tale, though he's definitely considered folklore! Enjoy the books you choose! But that's how I would narrow it down! You look like you could use some more followers! I'm eager to see what you chose!

    1. Thanks for your reply! I had a hard time deciding what is a fairy tale. Wildwood probably isn't - more of a fantasy. Folklore to me anyway is so very close. I am from Ohio LOL - about 25 miles from Misty! I have several of Catherine Fisher's books, Amazon has several choices. I don't blog too often, I am mostly a book-tuber on YouTube - there I have 460 followers. I have been doing a bad job posting videos lately there too. Uggg!

  3. Out of your list, I've read 3: Book of a Thousand Days, Entwined, and Sun and Moon Ice and Snow. They're all really amazing an I definitely recommend them! All the ones on your list look good! Have fun!

    ~Debz @ Debz Bookshelf

  4. My choices would be "The Princess Bride" or "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".

  5. Well, hmmm.... Looks like Sun and Moon.. and/or Entwined are the winners and more pure fairy tale type books. I am going to start with Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George.

    Thanks everyone!