Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Thoughts: Vampires Rule by K.C. Blake

ack died 10 years ago, well sort of. The victim of a vicious werewolf attack and, near death, was found by a vampire who I guess you could say "saved" his life by turning him into a vampire. Vampires Rule has a great cast of paranormals -  vampires, werewolves, a soul-sucker, and a dash of fairy. On the human side we have kick-ass "hunters" who hunt the vampires and werewolves and a few everyday normal people.

The story revolves around prophecies from a diary that was written by a fairy named Lovely many years ago. The head werewolf - the first werewolf - is the primary target of the action in the book. Jack shares the main character role with a girl named Silver Reign. When we first meet her she is wearing a fuzzy pink sweater and appears to be a typical teenager. Very soon we find out that is not the case. She is a hunter and a werewolf soul-sucker. A werewolf attack is the first action scene in the book and is where Silver and Jack meet. They are both attacked and the result of this first encounter is that Jack is made into a human again - with a twist. Jack retains his vampire powers and gains some new powers. Naturally Jack and Silver fall in love. It was predicted by the prophecies along with the path these two will follow.

I really enjoyed this first book in a The Rule series. The romance between Silver and Jack was written well and yes, I did get choked up once in a scene towards the end of the book - I am such a wuss!  The book has a lot of action which is balanced with character development. This is a book where you will care what happens to the characters - even main antagonist. I highly recommend this book!

The next book in the series is Werewolves Rule which I am looking forward to.

I won this book as a giveaway from the blog: CubicleBlindness.  Thanks Krista!

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