Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Thoughts: Violet Fury by Richard Denney

ethany is a typical 14 year old teenager, right? Well at least she seemed to think so until very recently. She has resorted to stay awake pills since falling asleep has been bringing her nightmares and these nightmares have been linear - meaning that the next nightmare is a continuation of the previous one. Strange things start happening to her during her waking hours also. Things get so out of control that she womps on a another girl at school - naturally she deserved it, but Bethany just doesn't act like this. Strange things are going on with schoolmates and a special boy in her dreams just may be more real than she would have expected. This has been happening since she and her mom moved to Crest View which, it seems, has a mysterious past and Bethany's family has been part of it. Her mother has been keeping secrets from her.

In this novella Mr. Denney has put together an intriguing start to what I hope will be continued. There are a lot of events that occur which get us - and Bethany - to the point where we are going to find what is going on with her and the town. But you will have to wait to see what that is!

You will enjoy this story. I know I did.  Mr. Denney how about part 2??

As of this writing you can download an unedited eBook version of this novella for free at Goodreads.
Violet Fury

Richard Denney:

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