Monday, July 11, 2011

Incidental Musings: The Fluctuating Intentional Reading List

Yep you read the title correctly. Of course as a computer developer/analyst/whatever-my-company-calls-me now, I have to have an acronym which would be FIRL!
  • Fluctuating - With all the new books constantly streaming across my visual spectrum and some even aural, I have to allow the list to be fluid.
  • Intentional - I needed a way to describe a priority or a way to separate a select few out of my entire library. So I intend to read these books sooner rather than later.
  • Reading - This covers not only visual reading but audio books as well.
  • List - I could write these within my mind but my memory is feeble. So something more permanent is in order.
Now I have a large and ever growing library of physical books and eBooks. I only have a few audio books at the moment, but this may be added to in the near future. I have several bookshelves which I love to peruse and I frequently refer to my eBook software's Books folder. Anxiety soon sets in as I think about how I want to read all these books but the decision as to which to read next is daunting. More anxiety sets in when I think about all the genres and series books. So I need to make an attempt at some organization and direction.

You can view the list here: FIRL


  1. I love your youtube videos!:D
    New follower(:

  2. I like the fluctuating part! I keep a rather loose reading list. I need to make a list of some kind since my collection is rather overwhelming, but I do get distracted by shiny new books and end up adjusting my reading priority list in order to allow for some spontaneity. I like your blog template ;o)